If you have found yourself on this site I know it was not by accident, Virtuousbeautyxo is a vision God gave me earlier this year and with much PREPARATION I can finally say the foundation has been laid and built. Speaking of preparation, that is what you will come across when you enter and begin to explore this site. Virtuousbeautyxo was created to help prepare us for our groom (God) who is coming back very soon for his bride. 

Girl on Fire: If your looking to know more about me feel free to head over to "Girl on Fire" where you can read how God transformed a broken, rejected, and, fearful young woman into a bride ready to set the world on fire with his love. 

I Am: In a world filled with chaos, sex, lies, drugs, murder, and fallen brides it's hard to find others who have found their purpose in Christ and are walking fully in the way God leads. "I Am" makes it a little bit easier to get acquainted with them featuring just that, the remnant. I am Alexa Gabrielle and I am "Virtuousbeautyxo".

PEARL: Preparation Endures And Reveals Love: Pearl is all about preparation. Our time here on this earth is a constant state of preparation. This life is temporary but also the deciding factor as to whether or not we will be ready for the return of our groom. Preparation endures and reveals love. Love being the father/groom, God. I guess you can stamp this as the mission statement of Virtuousbeautyxo.com -- To reveal the love of The Father to others so they can be prepared to endure (live, abide) with him in eternity.

The Bride: "The Bride" is you and I. We are all made up of different fears, emotions, strengths, weakness, and past life experiences that either hinder or strengthen our walks with God. Explore different situations we come across everyday some you may relate to and some you may not. It's time to get free and become The Bride he formed you to be. 

Explore: Explore is my personal blog. It can range from fashion posts, to different adventures I take. I have a secret passion for photography and adventure and this is the place where I let you in on that secret.

Lamp of Light:  YouTube has become extremely popular over the past couple of years with everything from, beauty channels, vloggers, music, and even the word of God. "Lamp of Light" is my YouTube channel where I upload videos as I feel led, videos ranging from quick encouragement to lengthier messages aimed to help us grow in our day to day walks with The Lord. Your word is a LAMP unto my feet and a LIGHT unto my path (Psalms 119:105)

I pray Virtuousbeautyxo is a place you can come to for healing, strength, and understanding of the love our Groom has for us which is far beyond anything I can write on these pages. It's time to prepare for his return and set this world on fire. 

He's coming soon.

Alexa Gabrielle

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