I remember the times when I couldn't choose between the church and the world. One minute I was in the club and the next I was in my bible. I wanted to give God my all and I wanted to truly be on fire but I was stuck in between of what I knew was right for my life and what I took pleasure in doing at that very moment (the club, drinking, sex, gossip, lust). I never thought others could relate because it was always an all or nothing message I heard. Either you are in the church or you aren't. 

I was raised in the church and I knew better. I knew what I had been doing wasn't pleasing to God and I knew that I wasn't happy. But, I was stuck and I didn't know how to get out of the continuous cycle. I needed someone to push me through and I couldn't find anyone to relate to. 

How many of us are stuck in that stage? You know what you should be doing and what you want to do lines up with that, but you don't know where to start and how to get out of the cycle. Well let me be that push you need. I once was there and I have come out on the other side victorious. 

God has really been speaking to me about being the voice for this generation and the bridge that leads you to him. So let's start this journey to the other side. I too know how it feels to be stuck and I have a passion for seeing this generation set free. You are not alone and I am here to make sure of that. 

Are you ready to be all in?

I love you like crazy and so does God. He is ready and waiting for you to come out victorious as well. Coming soon will be content to help you in your walk with God. Feel free to shoot me an email and I would love to hear your testimony. Get ready because this year will be like none other. 

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