The Fight to Unplug.

This morning I woke up, touched my phone, and it completely shut down for hours. Now my battery has been a wreck for about a month, but I bought a mophie case and it worked fine. That was until this morning when my phone decided it would display a battery sign every time I pressed the home button. If that wasn't enough of a not so well start to my morning, then the power went out on my street for a couple hours, no power + no phone = no WiFi, television, phone calls, basically no communication with anyone outside of my home. I was left sitting on the couch finally reading a book that I had been wanting to read for a few weeks. 

Apart of me was happy that I didn't have any means of communication for those hours. It gave me a chance to relax, disconnect, and spend time doing the things that electronics get in the way of. Now the other part of me was "low key" going crazy. Although I truly wanted to disconnect I couldn't fully accomplish that task. My mind was so use to multi-tasking that when it no longer had to it didn't know how to shut itself down and focus on the book.

What God has revealed to me through the events of this morning is "the fight we all hold to simply unplug". When it comes down to it God never has 100% of this generations attention. Even as we sit and pray, or read The Word our minds are thinking about something else in the background (example: My television is on right now and my phone is buzzing from a text message, correction my phone is now ringing).

I must fight harder than ever to hear God’s instruction, because at any moment the wrong voice can speak and lead me into a place God never intended for me to be in.
— Alexa Gabrielle

I love technology and the internet. If it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't have this website or have been able to meet so many amazing people. The problem lies in learning to balance it all and not allowing my time to be consumed in communication other than with God. I challenge you all to reflect on how you spend your days and where your mind is 90% of the time. Are you always thinking of more than one thing, or do you sit still and listen long enough to hear God's voice over all other chatter. 

There is a fight to unplug but I am willing to fight back and regain control over my thoughts and actions. Are you?

Alexa ReynoldsComment