The Bride Series: The Bride Who is Afraid to Try Again.

"I remember being a little girl and looking in the mirror fantasizing about the day I would become someone's bride. I would make up fake vows and draw sketches of my "one day" wedding dress. I knew what colors I wanted and the song I would walk down the aisle to. There was nothing I wanted more than to be a wife; That was before I got my heart broken over and over again. Now I want nothing to do with marriage." 

Those were the words of Vanessa, a young woman who was once hopeful for love, but after one too many heartbreaks she has decided to throw in the towel. Receiving love after heartbreak can be hard, trust me I know I've been there. Last year around this time, even up to a couple of months ago relationship and Alexa were not a good match. Much like Vanessa I too fell victim to the "fear of trying again". 

Much like Vanessa I too fell victim to the fear of trying again.

If you put in me a bubble alone for a year I would be just fine. I love being to myself and although I would love to be someone's wife and I know I will be with not a remnant of doubt in my mind, the devil began to take me to a place of comfort within this single season. Now I know what you are thinking "Alexa, you have God you are supposed to be comfortable in your singleness.". You are 100% right, but that is not the type of comfort I am referring to. 

Anytime fear accompanies comfort it can become a recipe for bondage.
— Alexa Gabrielle

Many of us use God to cover our fear of heartbreak. We walk around announcing our "Single and satisfied" selves as a mask to hide the true feelings of longing for companionship. The fear out ways the burden God has placed on your heart for love and in return you check yourself out of the game and no longer see marriage as an option. What I have learned is Satan will place fear over any area God wants to use in your life to bring glory.  Whether it be marriage, speaking, teaching, finances, relationships with others, etc. 

Sis, I am here to to tell you YOU HAVE TO LET THAT FEAR AND PRIDE GO. I do not say this because I believe it's easy, because I have been there. I say this knowing first hand the way the devil will try to shut you down and keep you away from the gifts God wants to give you.

Marriage and relationships are a beautiful thing and so is heartbreak. It was a broken heart that led me back into the loving arms of God. He wants you to be happy and feel love. With marriage comes the unity that results in the birthing of nations. Do not be afraid of what can come out of a heart that is willing to overcome past failures.

A healed heart is a powerful heart. 

There is no fear that can overpower the redemptive love of Christ. Receive it and give it away. FEAR CANNOT AND WILL NOT RESIDE IN THE RESIDENCE OF YOUR HEART. The things of the past are stepping stones building a staircase that lead to your destiny and promise. Lay down your stones and begin to climb my love. There are new heights waiting for you to exceed. 

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