The Curse That Lies Within Being Comfortable.

I love sitting on my couch watching Netflix, drinking a cup of coffee or tea, and snuggling under a blanket - That's when I'm most comfortable. Day's like this I can sit in the same spot all day and not move, sometimes I even forget to go to the restroom. Although I deem these as my most comfortable days its also my most frustrating. I seem to always come up on these days when I have the most to do; Because I get so comfortable time just slips on by and I get lost in the day, failing to do what I need to do. There's a danger in getting too comfortable and I have fallen victim to it one too many times. 

Most times when we are comfortable it leads us to stop right there and go no further.
— Alexa Gabrielle

Just as you have read when I sit on that couch and find the perfect spot I don't move; That's how most of us are when it comes to our relationships, purpose, life, and missions. We are okay to do what we have to do as long as we are comfortable. The moment we feel uncomfortable we want to let go and abort whatever it is that we are doing. It's time to open our eyes to the curses that lie within being comfortable and the blessings that come with being uncomfortable.

The curses that lie within being comfortable:

  • Like I stated before "Most times when we are comfortable it leads us to stop right there and go no further." - If the devil can get us so comfortable that we don't want to move we are no longer a threat to him.
  • It suppresses the desire to push past the current level.
  • It can become a distraction and cause you to dwell in dry places. - When you stay in a place too long without nurturing it you create a dead environment. Fruits cannot be produced among the dead. 
  • Creates fear - I remember when I quit my last job, I had become so comfortable in that place apart of me had a fear of leaving it because that meant I was going to have to start all over somewhere new. Although in the end it worked out for my good at that moment I was so worried about being uncomfortable that I didn't see the beauty in the change.

Now that we've explored the curses I would love to introduce you to ...

The blessings that come with being uncomfortable:

  • Being uncomfortable causes you to wake up. - I cannot sleep properly at night if I am not comfortable. The moment I feel some sort of discomfort I automatically wake up. In the same way being uncomfortable with encounters and situations causes you to wake up and either make a change or create a new atmosphere.
  • It Stretches you and causes you to push past your limits - When I am uncomfortable I want to get out of the situation and will go above and beyond to do so. 
  • Motivates you to keep going and prevents stagnant action.
  • Aids in transitioning you to new heights

Now that you have read these things I pray that it motivates you to embrace to uncomfortable moments in your life and avoid the misfortune of comfort. There is so much that God wants you to learn and pursue, he does above and beyond anything that you can imagine when you are willing to move past the familiar places. 

It’s time to get uncomfortable!

"And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them" Isaiah 42:16

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