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While shooting the other evening I saw this wall and immediately screamed "I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE RIGHT HERE!!" The crazy thing about these two phrases on this wall that caught my attention is they go together in everyday life.

You see, in this world you are always at a crossroads with what you allow to occupy your time, what you really want to be doing and what you should be doing; you know those times when you sit in front of the TV when you really should be doing homework, or eating junk food on the phone when you planned to go to the gym, or you allow the devil to occupy your mind and fill it with thoughts of you being unworthy and you abandon your day altogether.

Paige Kline Photography

Paige Kline Photography

When we allow the things that are not of God to occupy our thoughts and life it creates separation between our spirit and God
— Alexa Gabrielle

 My challenge for you today is to pay attention to what you allow to occupy your time. What are you filling your day with when The Lord is trying to show you your real destination and assignment. Don't get stuck at the crossroads of where God is trying to take you and where your flesh is trying to keep you.  

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