Dear Brothers and Sisters

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Another tragedy among-st God's children leaves us all wounded and broken. It seems like it's one thing after another and all things point back to division. The devil is keeping us busy; he came to kill and steal and destroy (John 10:10), he's doing just that. 

I feel like he has us like puppets on a string and as long as he keeps ambushing us with tragedy after tragedy it gives us no time to truly understand whats going on. We've begun to act off of emotion and fear. Even our means of "protection" on this earth has been infiltrated with this spirit.

I am the product of a black man and my brothers, uncles, and cousins are black men; my best friends are black men. But I am also the product of a God who is searching the earth for one's who will stand up, who will not act off of emotions but watch and listen for his instructions. Although we are in this world we are not of this world (2 Corinthians 10:3) .

Don't let the devils ambush attacks get you off of you're guard. No life is ours to take and no life is ours to give. These tragedies aren't about you and I but a bigger meaning. If only you can see the battles going on in the spirit realm would you understand that what we see is a glimpse, we've never actually seen the whole picture.

We are not fighting each other but the spirit of division and oppression. We have to open our eyes brothers and sisters. Although we are wounded, scarred, and scared and it feels like we have to walk around with masks on our face, and that God has forgotten about his people, he hasn't. 

Fear is the main ingredient and the only way to drive out fear is love. When you fear something you are only at peace when you are able to defeat it by extinguishing it. Stand up for each other, love each other, unify each other. It's time to show the devil he cannot and will not win. We have the power to defeat him within us.

Lets stand together,

Alexa Gabrielle

Alexa ReynoldsComment