What are You Feeding?

Meet Lilly, our local neighborhood cat that my family kind of adopted when she was a kitten. I say "kind of" because she has never been in our house but we have been feeding her daily for over a year. She knows her name and when we call her she comes running. 

The other day I had my camera out and was randomly snapping pictures of the things I could around me (flowers, birds, trees) when I seen Lilly down the street and called for her to come over. As soon as I called she came running (see pictures above). As she was running towards me I heard God ask me the question "why does she always come back when you call her?" Immediately I replied "because we feed her." and the response back left me with so much to think about "Alexa what is feeding you and what are you feeding?".

Oftentimes we go on about our day without a second thought about these things. I wonder why is it so easy to do so when it's such an important factor in our lives. You see... 

What you feed will grow and always come back for more, and whats feeding you affects your growth and always leaves you wanting more.
— Alexa Gabrielle

Are you feeding negativity or the promises of God for your life? Do you feed gossip and resentment instead of self-control and love. It's so easy to slip away and feed the stray thoughts and activities in your life, especially when you aren't paying attention to how much you now do so because it has become a "habit". 

Let's take inventory of our lives, activities, thought process, atmosphere, and vow to not feed the things that aren't of God or bearing any good fruits in our lives. 

You are what you eat.
— Unknown