Bloom, where you are planted?

I was born and raised in north east ohio, Youngstown, Ohio to be exact. If you look up Youngstown you may see loads of depressing things such as: "one of the most depressing places to live, one of the poorest cities in Ohio", The God father meets The Wire (my personal favorite)  etc etc etc. Youngstown is also between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, both named two of the cloudiest cities in the U.S. so you know that doesn't make it any better. Let's just say that if you were to bet on flourishing in my hometown (from the outside looking in) you would probably lose.   Now let me reel this back in really fast and say that I am not ashamed of my hometown, It is full of amazing people and amazing history. 

Growing up we were raised in my mother's childhood home in what you may call (the hood). I remember being young and hearing the cars ride around with their loud music bumping, kids in the street playing basketball, us riding bikes, and the sounds of the neighborhood all around. There were your occasional gun shots and police chases but apart of me loved it. Don't think I am crazy (lol) if you were raised in the inner city then you know what I mean. I remember loving my neighborhood until somebody brought it to my attention as I got older that my neighborhood is what they would call "ghetto". It's crazy how a place that seemed like a magical land to a child can be seen as tainted in the eyes of another. My home, was it something I should be ashamed of? How can you be successful living in the ghetto?

Now what does this have to do with the quote "Bloom where you are planted" and how does it relate to you and your life?

A flower, beautiful in many ways. What's more beautiful to me is the process that it goes through to grow and BLOOM. In order for a flower to stay living it has to be surrounded by the right conditions. You can't plant a seed in concrete, it will not grow. I remember being young and planting flowers with my mother and she always stressed the importance of the soil, sun light, right temperature, and water in order for the flower to bloom at it's full potential and stay living. It seems like so much but is so necessary. 

Recently my dad was tending to my moms flowers and moved some dirt to the back yard right next to the spot where I park my car. There is no mended soil just some rocky dirt and cement stones. While my dad was moving things he somehow uprooted and tulip bulb without knowing. The only reason we found out he had done so is because it ended up blooming right next to my car. One day I pulled up into my spot and looked over ... there was the tulip beautiful in bloom all by itself, not in the best conditions, but it made it. 

This tulip got me thinking. If this tulip could be uprooted, dropped on accident in a place where it shouldn't even have been, not even in a spot where it should've been able to bloom and it did what does that mean for me? 

There was the tulip beautiful in bloom all by itself, not in the best conditions, but it made it.
— Alexa Gabrielle

Bloom where you are planted isn't simply a quote about a flower but a message to persevere, to not have to be in the best places, under the best circumstance but still know that you can grow into something beautiful right where you are. 

Society says you have to be in the best city, have the most money, have the best job, best wardrobe, etc etc in order to make it. God says "trust me and I will place you in the best place to bloom. It may not look like what you thought it would, it may not seem like much in your eyes or the eyes of this world but if you let me in the drivers seat I will plant you in such a place that others have to acknowledge my name to understand how you made it." 

I now look at my hometown as a blessing. Although I do not plan on staying here forever I do now understand that you don't need perfection to grow. It's all up to you and how much you allow God to move in your life. For me I limited my growth because of my surroundings. Feeling like I'm not in a place to have the best opportunities because of where I reside. What is it for you? Is it your job, degree (lack of), singleness, where you live, money.. STOP limiting your growth and hindering your process because you don't feel like you have it all. 

There is a distinct beauty in blooming where you are planted. It magnifies the power that you have within to persevere in places that others deem impossible.
— Alexa Gabrielle

It's time to bloom. What better time to do this than now? 

I would love to hear what "Bloom where you are planted" means to you and what you feel is holding you back from doing so! 

Remember you are beautiful and made with a purpose, 

Alexa Gabrielle