Life with Lex!

Well if you have made it this far you will know by now that my name is Alexa Gabrielle. You may also know that as I write this I am 24. I currently reside in Ohio and am still figuring out exactly who lex is. See, I thought I had it all figured out but I guess I was wrong. 

Isn’t it fascinating how God continuously transforms you. Just when you thought you had it all figured out once and for all he shakes everything up and you are left with the task of learning yourself all over again.

I have been "learning and relearning" myself since February 2014. You would think after two years I would know by now. I know who I am through Christ and I know what he wants to do through me -- I also know that there are some untouched places in my life that I have yet to uncover. 

So, I invite you to come along this journey with me as I navigate through my mid twenties. Posts can range from me just pouring out my heart/frustrations, my journey in becoming debt free, and whatever other surprises I encounter along the way. 

Do life with me (Lex) as I do life with God
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