Fatima Gomez is "TimaGstyle".

I have a love for young women my age who bring forth the word of God in "non-traditional" ways such as: fashion, poetry, YouTube, blogs, etc. When on social media I tend to gravitate towards those women because as well as having amazing words of wisdom when I need it, I also find great inspiration whether it be through their fashion choices or how they navigate through their daily activities in life. 

I came across Fatima Gomez last year on Instagram and when I say this girl inspires me! She's a recent bible college grad, working, has an amazing blog, and does YouTube videos among many other things. 

Y'all know I had to feature her on the website ;)


My name is Fatima Gomez, but I am known as Tima G. I was born in Mexico in 1992. I was mostly raised by mother, and due to this, I never really knew my dad intimately. My father would travel back and forth to the US to provide for our family. As I became a third grader, my family began to prepare to move permanently to the US. Right before the fourth grade, we packed what we knew and began a journey in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have resided here ever since.
When we moved, I had the least clue on what to expect. I spoke no English, knew no one but three cousins who I unfortunately never saw in school, and lived a pretty lonesome childhood (in which was rare because I loved being around my friends back in Mexico). Once I became adjusted to the people and teachers, it was time to move to another school for the fifth grade. Then I had to adjust for the sixth grade. Since, I never knew consistent loving relationships. Middle school was also rough because that is when puberty hit, and I had no one to confide in. I dealt with loneliness, fear, and insecurities alone and eventually needed an outlet. I began to find myself interested in boys and since then, a cycle of brokenness began. During this time, I also had a good friend who invited me to her youth group and I attended for the wrong reasons. Regardless, God used her to plant seeds in my heart that would grow much later.

When high school came, I decided to continue dating guys online via chat rooms/myspace, or in school. During this time, I also began to have an interest in fashion. Eventually, my junior year came and I had intercourse with one of my boyfriends out of fear he would break up with me. Three weeks later, he did. Heartbroken, lost, and at one of the lowest points of my life, I received a message on myspace from one of my now best friends/brother to come to his young adult group. I did and ever since, my life began to turn. I dedicated my life to Christ in 2009 and began a slowly-transforming journey. While I was in college, I was very lukewarm because I had no accountability. My church began a leadership internship in 2012 and ever since, my walk with Christ has taken another level of intimacy and freedom. I have truly changed my ways to only depend on Jesus and His word for my everyday-living.
Now, I am a merchandising and bible school graduate that plans to share the love and gospel of Jesus in unconventional ways in a highly secular world. 

What inspired you to start TimaGStyle.Com?

I have always loved the idea of having a website. From myspace days, I loved customizing web pages. I began to blog in college inconsistently, but in 2013 I decided to be consistent. At first, the idea of sharing photos and information was more for a self-fulfilling motive, but now I do it to share the lifestyle Jesus has allowed me to live.

What is the mission/purpose behind TimaGStyle.com?

 The mission of timagstyle.com is to inspire living life without limits mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The purpose of my lifestyle blog is to share my journey with Christ by incorporating fashion and the word of God together, along with other facets of my life.

How has your website changed your life?

Practically, it has challenged me to become a better communicator, a faithful steward, and a growing influencer in my generation. On a more personal note, I have learned to be vulnerable with my followers without feeling like I have no private life. 

How does it impact the life of others?

From the comments I do get to hear about, I know people are touched in ways I did not even imagine myself doing. Many girls that read it tell me they are inspired, they are encouraged, and that they want to see me continue blogging. 
Where do you hope to see TimaGStyle.com in 5 years?

I am hoping to turn my website into a career that I love to work for. And of course, doing collaborations, having merchandise, and highlighting young adults that are living a life modeled after Jesus while still being dope at the same time.

What is one thing you would love to see happen within the Christian community?

 I just read a book that altered my perspective of the gap between the church and the secular world. I would love and am praying that people in multiple industries, like the government, entertainment, fashion, medical, business, would rise as anointed and wise believers to make a difference spiritually and produce societal results.  

What advice would you give to other sisters in Christ trying to figure out their purpose?

Seek God. As simple as that sounds, it is difficult because it involves sacrifice but it is so worth it. In order for a macbook to know it’s full capacity of life, you have to speak to the creators of it, right? Same for us, in order for us to find out what we were truly made for, we have to seek and find out from our Creator. 
From experience, I have learned to pursue God at all costs, literally and figuratively speaking. To know the true you, you have to die to the old you; so let go of the past and embrace the beautiful life Jesus has offered.

What keeps you pressing forward with TimaGStyle.com?

To me, my blog is a mini-platform to share who I am and Who God is. I continue to share because I am tired of the overly-saturated secular media. I value God’s word, living a pure life, and being honest, but at the same time I love fashion, beauty, and photography. So instead of complaining about the media world, I began my own journey by combining both of my passions.

What can readers expect to see when they explore TimaGStyle.com?

 Outfits of the day, devotionals/encouraging words, and my life experiences.

And now let's getting to know a little bit more about who Fatima is:

Born and raised? 
In Durango, Mexico. Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Favorite genre of music/artist? 
Worship music & anything that gets me hype

Favorite food? 
Chicken, please

Favorite flavor of ice cream? 
Chocolate or Peach

Favorite place to travel? 
Anywhere near the ocean or skyscrapers

Favorite book?
 Change Agent by Os Hillman

Your favorite verse? 
These change with the seasons I am in. Currently, I love the Ephesians 1:17-18 prayer.

Fashion inspirations?
 I love street-style clothes. So I literally research anyone in this category. 

Others blogs you follow/recommend?
 I mainly read fashion blogs. These are my absolute favorite: Sincerely Jules, Collage Vintage, Samantha Maria, and Kyrzayda

If you could go back and tell your 15 year old self anything what would it be?
 Stay away from the boys. Be friends with them but do not believe their “love” comments. You do not know what true love is yet and they do not either. Wait it out. God is going to reveal Himself to you and your life is going to change for the better! 

What are you looking most forward to this year? Any big goals? 
To truly step out in purpose, like teaching the Word, and establishing my brand. One of my biggest goals is to move out of Oklahoma, so hopefully this happens! :D

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Social media / contact information

Instagram: _timag
SnapChat: timagstyle    
Website: timagstyle.com

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