Faith: I Quit My Job but Do I Really Trust Him?

On March 11, 2016 I quit my job after almost 2 years of being comfortable there. Although right now I have complete peace and know I made the right decision it has taken me almost a month to get here. Now before you start to get on me in your head, trust me I know that following God always turns out for our good. That's one of the biggest things I promote throughout my social media platforms. Then why did it take me almost a month after God told me my time was up and actually feeling like I was pushed out the door for me to leave? It's pretty simple. I have learned I am still human and I too can sometimes question what God is doing. 

This past month has begun to teach me so much about myself and within the past week ultimately has given me clarity on truly who he is and how faithful he is. Isn't it amazing no matter how much you study and spend time with God he has the ability to show himself in a new way to you over and over again? I find myself reflecting on Peter, he was one of Jesus' best friends and still had some trouble in trusting Jesus and his power. So many times I have cried out to God "where you tell me to go I will go. What you tell me to do I will do with no hesitation." Ha, did he check me on that. My security was in my earnings and not in the knowledge that God can and will provide for me. It's like Peter calling out to Jesus on the water, "Let me walk on the water with you" as he moves forward he takes his eyes off of Jesus and ultimately begins to sink. I almost sank too. 

Everyday is still a new journey with God and I am still being molded into the woman God needs me to be. He is continuously revealing parts of myself that I need to work on and area's of healing I must tend to. That's the beauty in this walk with him, knowing I am not alone and am being made new over and over again. What is it that causes you to take your eyes off of Jesus? For Peter it was the wind, for me it was stability in my career. Whatever it is he wants to do a work in you and take you to new levels of surrender and trust in him. 

Feel free to comment or email me, I would love to hear what you've given up in the past and are still fighting with to let go of. We are in this thing together. 

I love you like crazy & then some ;) 


- Alexa Gabrielle

On March 11 after weeks of God telling me my time was up at my current job I finally took that leap of faith and resigned. Don't think it was easy because it wasn't and it came after being made very uncomfortable at my job every time I decided to stick it out and also confirmation from others who didn't even know me.

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