If I Could Just Press.

If I could just press where would I end up? I am learning to press past my anxiety, fears, doubts, wants, and things I think I need. Instead, I have begun reaching for the kingdom. I have had a couple rough months as I know many of us have. Sometimes I'm too hard on myself, YA KNOW?! I expect myself to be so much further along and because I am not I tend to fall back. What would happen if instead of falling back I press forward!

This past year has been so crazy and with the end near everything has begun to hit me at once. I went from working full time to part time, am working on building a business, have had other failed attempts at things, and ultimately have been challenged in ways I didn't think I would be. One part of me is so ready for this season to be over and for the next to begin the other is thinking to myself "what have I really learned if I am still so ready to run away". 

I turned 25 this year and the "oh crap I am 25" mentality has hit me full force. I am so use to beginning something and if I don't feel it anymore just letting it go and moving on. I need to learn to press. NO, I HAVE to learn to press. There is too much for me to do and I cannot afford to back down.

Do you feel like giving up? A lot of my peers have lately. With the holidays coming it's hard to see past all of the let downs of this past year. It is hard to press forward when you feel like you have nothing to look forward to. Can you promise me one thing if you are reading this? Promise me the you wont quit. Promise me that you will continue to press and push until you get through. There is a huge reward waiting for you on the other side. 

I am not alone and neither are you. We are in this together. 

Alexa ReynoldsComment