Thankful With Little.

Thanksgiving is in less than two days and this year feels so different than last. 365 days ago I was still recovering from an unexpected break up and working full time at a job I had already mentally checked out of. My finances were in a good place and I had begun saving up as I always wanted. Fast forward to the present and everything has changed.

This year although I am in a much better place emotionally and have quit that full time job to pursue my dream of starting a branding/photography business, it has definitely taken a hit on my finances. As you may or may not know if this is your first post viewing of mine, I quit my full time management job back in March 2016 after much contemplating and going back and forth between my feelings, faith, and fear. I always knew I wanted to work within creative directing and had a few idea's. When God put it on my heart to let go and trust him it was not the easiest. Don't get me wrong I trust him with all of my heart, but I am only human and I fall short sometimes.

Thanksgiving in my house is always seen as a time of reflecting and going around the table to say what we are thankful for. I have so much that I can honestly say I am blessed with. If others looked at my situation they would say "how are you happy now struggling to build a business and having to be stretched in so many areas?". I am thankful that my "yes" to walking in God's will for my life was a true "YES".

I know right now may be rough for me financially and my time is filled with a lot of trial and error but God is teaching me how to stand in this building season, and I have finally begun to take a couple steps. Before you know it I will be off and running. The old "Lex" would have been off and running in the other direction (Can we take a moment and thank God for growth .. HALLELUH). With all of that being said I just want to encourage you as you read these words DO NOT GIVE UP. Whether you are exactly where you want to be, on your way, or haven't even started yet, be thankful for the growth you have made thus far. Be hopeful for the things of the future and grateful for the mysteries of right now. Things can always be worse but keep in mind when a sling shot is used the rock must get stretched backwards before propelling forward.

Be hopeful for the things of the future and grateful for the mysteries of right now.
— Alexa Gabrielle
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