The Popular Christian Woman

Sisters, who have we become?

We've become the women you see walking around with their noses in the air or our faces in a mirror. The women who are so quick to bash your brother because of his faults with lust, identity, and what it means to truly be a man of God. We've become so focused on finding our "boaz" that we spend our days preparing for a husband God never promised us in the first place.

Who have we become?

We are no longer the women who war with the principalities of darkness because we are to busy worrying about the dark circles under our eyes, trying to conceal the imperfections of our beauty not realizing we are losing time. We scroll through social media, liking and commenting, fantasizing and wishing that we could have "her" life. If only I had her ministry, if only I had her man, if only I had the number of followers she has, but I'm not that lucky.
We tear down our fellow brothers in Christ and point out every flaw that he may come with instead of saying "Father why is it that you've allowed him to approach me, how can I be that light" but we are too quick to comment "Ooh girl he was in my DM's.. Don't message him back he deals with lust issues.. You better guard your heart" that there is no time for God to reveal the true mission at hand.

When oh when did we lose who we are sisters?
We read the bible everyday because "quiet time" is the popular thing to do nowadays., but what does your heart look like? You carry so much bitterness, anger, resentment, and a lot of it is towards our Father.. But you wouldn't know that. Why!? Because we have become the "popular Christian woman".

We have all the answers, we can post a devotional everyday and make others oooh and Aaah but where is the substance? We can smile and take a selfie, have coffee dates in Starbucks, make an amazing website, BUT we have no interest in helping others. We have no interest in the girl who doesn't look like us, she isn't spiritual enough, we have no time for truly saving souls, posting a "spirit filled caption" is enough. We make a mockery out of everything and everyone Jesus came to die for.

But my poor sister if you only knew. If you only knew that when you stand before our Father he isn't going to care about how beautiful your website was, how well you prepared for your boaz, how fleeky your outfit was, how you promoted purity but your heart was the most impure place in your body, he's not going to care about how many followers you had, or how many conferences you spoke at. For you didn't know ME my daughter, you only knew how to be the woman social media taught you how to be. You never truly found me, you caught glimpses but you don't know me. Because if you knew me you would've realized I  was not in that place you spent so many hours preparing, I was not in that prayer closet you sought me at; I was in the eyes of that child you had no time for, I was in the weariness of the brother and sister who reached out for help but you thought they wanted something more so you dismissed them, I was in the grace that you were just too good to give to anyone. I was in all the things that I first gave to you that you failed to give back. I was in the whisper but you.. missed.. me.. Because you were looking for an entourage and I just needed ONE.


I was almost popular too.

Geez, how heavy was that??? It's always so much more weighted when God reveals a piece of his heart directly to you. Especially when it is such a place of intimacy, hurt, and love for his daughters all wrapped in one. When you think you are doing so much "for the kingdom" and it begins to feel tainted, when you spend all of your time preparing for something that may not be what God has for you, when you go throughout your days like a robot desensitized by everything around you because you are on the right track. How did we get here?

We are living during a time when being selfish, and misguided goes without notice.  We've gotten into our routines of waking up everyday and taking on the world one selfie at a time. But no, not us christian girls, we are different ... or are we?

I hate to say this but we aren't. We too have been declared guilty and we don't even know it. 

When I wake up every morning my heart is determined to please God and win souls. I am determined to put on my happy face, smile, and reassure you that you are taken care of. I put up my daily post on instagram like clock work (because I just know someone needs a word today). Then I scroll for awhile and see all of the married couples, or the women who are single, saved, and happy. I see everyone giving their opinions on EVERYTHING, and then I put down my phone. I proceed to get dressed (what I'm going to wear is one of my biggest obstacles of the day.. gotta look good). Then I do my makeup. I didn't get enough sleep the night before so I put on a little extra concealer. Heck, you never know I may meet my boaz today. Then I get in the car make an instagram video (just in case someone missed my post from this morning) and head to work.

I have now become the "popular christian woman".  You see, I've been doing these things thinking "I'm saving souls, doing his work" but I'm more thrilled by how many followers I am gaining then how many people are truly reading what I post. I am more worried about where my "husband" is so I can show him off to the world, because you can't be popular without your knight in shining armor by your side. Preparing for the dreams I have instead of allowing God to truly be the center of what it is I do. I think I have it right this whole time but I am wrong. 

Quiet time has become something that is "cool" to do instead of a true intimacy with God. Everyone wants a "war room" now so they go out and buy the post it notes and fancy markers, spending more time unemotionally writing out our prayer requests instead of falling on our face before our Lord. We preach to the internet but when we walk past a hurting person "we don't have time for that". We worry and worry about how to be all we can be to keep everyone interested in how good God has been to us that we have forgotten GOD. It has become all about us with a sprinkle of Jesus. God is no longer the pilot but merely a flight attendant, used to keep everyone smiling and happy with what they need but no say so in destination they are going. 

It's time we reevaluate why it is we do what we do. Is it truly for God or is it just to gain a few more followers or "friends" who think they need YOU everyday missing out on the God who is inside of you. Let's not become desensitized by what we have become. Making Jesus famous is amazing but what if he called you to just one? 

Would it still be worth it?

- Alexa Gabrielle

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