2016: The Year of No Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

I know I'm over a week late, but hey, don't judge me! ;) I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 2015 seems like it consisted of only a few months, it's hard to believe it was a whole year. Last year was filled with a lot of ups and downs for me. I lost a lot of things but gained so much more, I was able to relaunch/revamp this site, I traveled, I lost friends but gained new brothers and sisters, I grew closer to God and experienced a new level of intimacy with him that I didn't know was attainable, and last but not least I began to walk in my purpose. Not everything went exactly how I wanted it to go but it happened exactly how I needed it to. God's perfect plan never fails.

So what is my resolution for 2016? I could come up with 1000 things I can make better this year! Let's see, I can be more consistent, I could tone up, eat better, work harder, have more quiet time, be more organized, spend less money, hmm, buy less clothes, stop eating out so much, meal prep, and the list goes on and on. My resolution is none of those! Although those are all areas I can improve tremendously my focus isn't on that. What is it on then Alexa?

My resolution this year is to have no resolution.

Why am I so anti-resolution this year? I've done a lot of self evaluation over the past month and one thing I've noticed is how much I've focused on myself. It sounds kind of cliché but let me explain. Most resolutions we make are centered around bettering ourselves, our bodies, our money, our minds, our wardrobes. Even if we aim to be better for the kingdom of God how much of our self improvement is really working towards that. We get so caught up in what we lack or what we can improve that we miss what God is really trying to improve.

I've been at a place in my walk where I feel like I'm not in a place to change lives, I don't have the will power to mentor others, I don't have the patience for this ministry, I'm just not good enough. When did this become about me and where I am not at in life instead of about pointing people to God and transforming lives.

So this year I say NO to my own resolutions and YES to whatever it is that God wants me to focus on. Maybe he doesn't want me to be worried about my wardrobe, or getting a flatter stomach. What if me being so caught up in my resolutions has left no room for what God really wants to do in this next year.

I can't say that 2016 will be a perfect year for me but it will be the year that I lay myself down and pick up God's perfect plan for my life without reservations.

Here's to 2016 and the resolutions God makes for my life. 

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