Piece by Peace

What are you afraid of? Is it that you think you're going to fail, or that it's not going to turn out the way you "planned for it to go"? 

I mean honestly, what's the worst that can happen...

I've come to the realization that the battle isn't hearing God's plans for your life, it's not even trusting that they are true and good for your life. It's what you do after the instruction is given. Most of us do 1 out of 2 things:
A.) we immediately begin to try to plan everything out in our own power and strength not giving God the space to move in the ways he knows best for the plans HE has for you.
B.) We sit in a stagnant place not doing anything at all. We wait for a magical figure to pop out of the sky and say "this is everything you need" while we sit on the couch and watch TV all day, or better yet, on social media fantasizing about everyone else's "blessings".

So where do we find the instruction and action between the promise land and the journey? How do you know where to go and what to do to get there? If I can be completely honest with you I, myself, am in this very season right now. But, it isn't a foreign place to me. God has been dealing with me greatly in these area's of my life and might I add it has not been easy. Although it hasn't been ideal for me it is totally needed and these are some of the things God has brought to my attention, areas that a lot of us lack in but are so vital for us to stay connected to our ultimate source of direction and peace.

1.) Constant communication with God: Yes! I said CONSTANT! Not just when you wake up or before you go to bed but as you go throughout your day include him in it. As you include him in your day you will begin to see how he leads you in the still, small steps of your life.
The thing with us is oftentimes we expect God to come out of the sky on a fluffy white cloud and say "Alexa!!! This is your life's calling and this is your agenda planned out for the next 50 years" and when we don't see that we get discouraged, not clearing our mind enough to be aware that he's leading you throughout the day. I remember when I began to just talk to him as I was doing my daily tasks, and not always do I hear something back. The peace that comes with each conversation with him is enough. Sometimes I just look up and smile and I feel a rush of love come over me. ITS THAT SIMPLE. 

Once you begin those small acts you will see how your heart begins to desire things and pull you in a different direction, different places that you would've never even noticed before. He will begin to put your journey together and it will be so natural for you that you know only God could lead you here. 

2.) Trust that his word is good and his plans are what's best for you: AAH! Trust! The easiest thing to do in this world--Letting someone completely take over your life and lead you where you have to go, places you've never gone before, don't desire to go to, and are terrified of being. How awesome is that?? 

If it was just that easy. Let's be honest, trusting God to come through and provide for you in every area of your life is a scary thought. Lets imagine someone blind-folding you, taking you by the hand and saying "let me lead you to this place you've never been before." you have no clue where you are going and how you are going to get there but you have to trust this person because you can't see and you have no other choice. That would probably send me into a panic attack. NO BUENO.

Now let's think of it this way. A child is sitting at home watching cartoons and their father walks in with a blind-fold and says "I have somewhere to take you, it's a surprise so I have to cover your eyes but don't worry I will be leading you the whole way and I wont leave your side. Do you trust me?" OF COURSE, the child is going to be so excited and probably move so fast that the father doesn't even have time to finish his sentences. There is no fear inside of the child because he KNOWS his father, and he knows his father will not lead him into danger or leave his side.  

3.) MOVE: What are you waiting for? If he has told you what to do or where to go what is holding you back? It's time to move! When God reveals the plans he has for you and he says the time is now it's natural to have a slight bit of fear but you can not let that stop you. His plans are perfect down to the timing and you must not delay out of fear of the unknown. 

There are so many questions that need to be answered. I remember when I was in grade-school and there were 5 key questions that we had to answer when summarizing or doing a report: who, what, where, when, and why; and we still asks those questions everyday except now it's not ourselves who have to answer but we expect God to give us a summary of our lives in detail before we even experience a moment.

Instead of just moving because he says so we need a play by play. How much delay have we put on the plans God has for us because of our lack and trust and willingness to move!

4.) Rest: Last but certainly not least is your ability to rest in the presence of The Lord. If you have not mastered or even tapped into this area of your life.. wooooh you need to make that an immediate goal. I am a firm believer that before God sends you out on any journey he allows you to experience rest in him so you know when you feel like the burdens are too heavy, or the journey is becoming a lot more than you thought you could bare there is always a quiet place of rest in him waiting for you.

How do you look at the plans God has for your life? Do you walk in worry and fear because you aren't in control and don't know what the very next step is. What is your perspective on trusting God? Become like that child with the blind-fold on knowing the place his father leads him will be a good place and get excited. Oh if you could only see God's heart for you and how excited he gets when he thinks about all of the good things he has waiting for you. But it's up to you to let go of that control and allow him to guide you PIECE BY PEACE. 

1 God told Abram: “Leave your country, your family, and your father’s home for a land that I will show you. 2-3 I’ll make you a great nation and I will bless you. I’ll make you famous; you’ll be a blessing. I’ll bless those who bless you; those who curse you I’ll curse. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you.” 4 So Abram left just as God said and Lot left with him.
— Genesis 12

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