I'm Just Looking

"Hi how are you.. can I help you find something? Shopping for anything in particular today?"

"no, no thank you! I'm just looking"

"Ok well my name is Alexa I will be right over here if you need anything feel free to grab me, I'm here to help"

Welcome to my life day in and day out. Working retail management can be frustrating especially when you deal with customers who are always "Just looking". I hear that statement about 200 times a week maybe more and boy can it be frustrating, especially when you know the customer looks completely confused and lost but is to stubborn to take the help I have to offer.

Some don't take the help because they don't want to feel like a bother and others are just down right independent so they wander the store for about 30 minutes looking and looking. Finally after failed attempts to find what they need and much frustration they decide to take the help I offered earlier and it usually ends with me finding exactly what they needed within minutes. The hard part about all this is I watch them search and search and can only stand there until they decide to allow me to do what it is my job Pays me to do.

One day I was working and going through this same exact situation and God spoke to my heart "This is how my children are with me. They wander around life looking and searching for something. They get frustrated when they can't find the things they are searching for and most of the time have no idea what it is. I hold my hand out and say let me help you, I know exactly where to find the thing that you don't even know that you look for. I watch them walk around in circles picking up the same things over and over again knowing they are looking in the wrong places but I can't step in and help until they let me. They don't realize that Jesus already paid for me to be able to do this freely. But I am a God of free-will, I will not impose on their life's shopping experience but I wait, watching, and when they finally call on me I will be available to help. But I cannot help until they call on me."

Talk about getting wrecked at work!! Luckily I was in the store alone and was able to really reflect on what God spoke to me. I Alexa Gabrielle am guilty of this very thing. I remember numerous situations where I walked around feeling confused and lost, even frustrated because I couldn't find resolve to what I was looking for and going through. While God was standing there saying "lex I'm here for you, lex follow my voice, lex let me take this burden off of you, I know what you need let me help you." It wasn't until I was tired of doing it on my own and finally realized that I wasn't created to do this on my own that I broke and he stepped in.

Giving up control of my life and letting God do the "shopping" for me was the best decision I have ever made. I walk daily in peace and fulfillment knowing that I lack nothing. I wake up knowing that I don't have to wander and search because he has already done the purchasing for me. I just have to choose to wake up and get dressed in what he already has laid out for me and go forth in total confidence that I have on the best of the best for that day and season.

So here's the challenge: LET GO OF THE CONTROL AND QUIT JUST LOOKING. Let God reign and rule over your life. Don't waste time wandering and searching while God is watching over you saying "my child I am here to help you, let me carry that burden.". Trust him, he knows the perfect fit for you, he knows the season you are in and he has placed you there. You were not made to "just look" but to be intentional. Time is of the essence and it is not to be wasted.

So let's walk with purpose and in obedience not "just looking" but with an open heart to the help that has already been paid for. 

14 Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, he hears us. 15 And if we know that he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.
— I John 15
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