Pressing Into His Presence

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
— Psalm 16:11

HIS PRESENCE, freely given to you if you just seek him. The key to healing, wisdom, and experiencing the fullness of his love, is to tap into his presence. We go on about our days not even thinking twice about acknowledging his presence. While he stands at the door with gifts upon gifts just waiting for you to open it.

Then you don't have to do another thing. Just sit in his presence and love on him and let him love on you in return.

I honestly believe we make it harder than it really is. You don't have to be on your face sobbing; for some people being in his presence is simply just that being. There's no shouting, no running around the house, no jumping up and down (and it's okay if you do those things as well) it's just you and God spending time. Sometimes I just turn on my music, sit, and let him wrap his arms around me. It's just that simple.

So don't feel bad if your time with him doesn't look like the people in church. Your not doing it wrong. Don't give up just keep pressing in. Sometimes you won't hear his voice or feel him around you but he's there.  

I remember when I didn't spend time with him boy oh boy when trials came my way I would be so frail and broken. I had no ammunition for battle, until one night something clicked. As I sat in my bed listening to a worship service on YouTube something broke in me. I finally got to taste his presence and man was it good. After that encounter it's now something I long for daily. If I miss a day without him I just don't feel right. It's like something is missing. It has become that vital in my life. 

Why do I tell you this? I use to be that girl who didn't think it was necessary to spend time with God. I knew he loved me but it wasn't until he gave me this revelation "You give endless hours to boyfriends, social media, friends, work, and anything else that gives you pleasure but no fulfillment. I created you, I formed you in my image and you put me on the back burner for all things that are here today and gone tomorrow. My love never changes, come taste and see that it is good. My presence in your life is a constant. When all have left you and failed you I will not. It's free to you, won't you give it a try? If a frail human interaction is worth your hours, a love that may be here today and gone tomorrow, why not I? I urge you, come to me and once you experience the wholeness that is found in my presence you shall never have to question my love for you again."  


Have you been feeling weak like you have nothing left to give. Let him refill you! Whether it's in your car on your lunch break, when you get up in the morning, or even after reading this. Invite him in.. He's standing there waiting for you to open the door. He can't speak to you if you don't give him an open opportunity and a ear to listen. 

Will you say yes?

I recommend making a full playlist that you can put on and just sit with The Lord. This is one of my favorites to put on. I have a whole worship playlist on YouTube that was super easy to make. Bethel Music, Hillsong United, and Passion are other awesome artists to check out. 

Alexa ReynoldsComment