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Janelle Brown is the life and style coach behind the blog Fearfully Fashioned.  Growing up battling negative self-esteem and body image issues, Janelle is passionate about restoring beauty, purpose, and worth in all women. Fearfully Fashioned was created to not only encourage and equip women with the tools necessary to pursue their purpose, but also to highlight areas in the fashion and beauty industry where true beauty and diversity are void. Through life, style, and consumer/brand coaching, Janelle cheers you on to embrace and discover your purpose and inner beauty. Just think of her as your Purpose Cheerleader. 

    I was able to ask Janelle a few questions about Fearfully Fashioned and getting to know her vision better:

1. What inspired you to start Fearfully Fashioned?

          A: Fearfully Fashioned was originally started in response to the lack of diversity in the fashion and beauty industry. We are constantly being primed with images of ideal beauty while still failing to realize what true beauty really is. Since then Fearfully Fashioned has evolved into a life,style, and consumer relationship coaching business. I don’t only want women to know their purpose and beauty, I want businesses to know that about them as well.


   2 What is the mission of Fearfully Fashioned?

          A:  Fearfully Fashioned is an online destination that helps all women find their purpose and worth. Through life and style coaching, Fearfully Fashioned encourages and equips women with style, confidence, and the tools necessary to pursue their purpose. Fearfully Fashioned celebrates all women of different sizes, shapes, colors, and backgrounds. Whether it’s through e-books, e-courses, webinars, and workshops. Fearfully Fashioned is your resting place to be restored with purpose beauty and worth. 


   3. How has Fearfully Fashioned changed your life?

          A: Because of Fearfully Fashioned I am constantly being stretched out of my comfort zone. I am learning now more than ever that I have to learn the lesson that I am purposed to teach. I love Fearfully Fashioned because it has been almost a means for me to reciprocate my growth. When I learn something new, I plant the seed, it grows and I reap the harvest as it nurtures me back. Through my business, God has extracted the negative thoughts that were preventing me from moving forward. If anything the change is a continuos enlightening and enriching process.


      4. How does it impact the life of others?

          A: God has shown me that the message that he placed inside of me brings life and restoration to the purposeless and hopeless. So many people don’t know their identity and because of that they try to find their purpose and worth in the people and things that will never cherish or understand their value. Fearfully Fashioned is there to remind every woman that she is beautiful and more than capable to have the life that she desires, because that is what God desires for her as well. It is possible to learn how to love yourself and create healthy attainable goals to achieve your purpose and destiny.


     5. Where do you hope to see Fearfully Fashioned in 5 years?

          A: I would love for Fearfully Fashioned to expand into a coaching and branding firm where I have trained coaches who are under my mission. At that point I would love to be working with major fashion and beauty brands on incorporating more multi-cultural images in marketing and advertising. The more that we can populate these diverse images, the more women will feel confident and a sense of belonging.


     6. What is one thing you would hope to see happen in the christian community?

          A: I would love to see people start being more transparent and less judgmental. There are so many people out there trying to portray perfection. I can’t stand it when people try to push their convictions and opinions on others. Stop trying to persuade and change others with your opinions. Let the Holy Spirit persuade and convict. He always sees the heart.


     7. What advice would you give to other Sisters in Christ struggling to find their purpose? 

          A: Prayer and fasting is key! Ask God to help you become aware of your calling. Your talents and personality traits are integral in your calling. You may have talents but God pours out his blessing into those talents to create gifts. By using those gifts you will be fulfilling the purpose that he has for you. God will shine his light on how you can leverage them to walk in His calling for your life.


     8. What keeps you pressing forward with Fearfully Fashioned? 

          A: I always look at my “why.” In addition to developing my business, I am a grad student and I work full time, therefore I am very intentional with my time. A business/organization is not about you. You are here to solve a problem. That problem always keeps my mind turning with ways that I can provide a solution. The fact that my business is needed is what keeps me going.


     9. What is your favorite verse at the moment?

          A: I have a couple of go to verses but lately Habakkuk 2:3 really soothes and encourages my spirit. “This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed."



If anyone is interested in coaching sessions with Janelle or just want to know a little bit more about Fearfully Fashioned you can reach her at janelle@fearfullyfashioned.com. Also check out her website linked below as well as her social media plugs. 


Instagram: fearfullyfashnd



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