Lexspirations: Taylor Madu

I am a lover of YouTube and fashion blogs/ Instagram pages. I went to school for fashion merchandising and have been working within retail management for over 3 years. If you know me then you know I love a good outfit and my hair never stays the same for more than a couple months (I always see a cut or color I love on the internet and I just have to give in and do it).

 Lately I have been wanting to revamp my wardrobe. I love neutrals and rarely ever have on colors other than black, white, blush, or navy and 8/10 its solid with the exception of an occasional flower print or stripe. 

I wanted to share with you some of the blogs/ women I have been loving lately. I bring you "Lexspirations"! Every week another one of my favorites will be featured. Maybe you will find some inspiration as well!

First up ... 

Taylor Madu

I have been following Taylor for well over a year and her fashion choices never disappoint me. She is the wife of Pastor Robert Madu and mother of two (a 1 year old and newborn) and still looks amazing, she also has her own apparel line, and does her own speaking engagements as well. Oh yeah I forgot to mention she also has a single out. Talk about superwoman! 


Taylor like me wears a lot of neutrals but definitely plays with pops of color and silhouettes. 

check out Taylor's blog and social media to see more of her awesome style. Her husband and children also get in on the fashion actions. When I say the whole family dresses to impress, believe me! :) 

Blog: TaylorMadu.com

Instagram: @TaylorMadu


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