All Good Things.

Small businesses, oftentimes over looked for corporately owned establishments have become my new favorite hobby. Well discovering them that is. Yesterday I had a day off and the weather was a beautiful, sunny 70 degrees, which is rare this time of year for great old Youngstown, Ohio. I took full advantage of this gift and traveled 15 miles south of my hometown to Columbiana, Ohio. Originally I went for coffee with the girls and ended up spending hours exploring the strip.

On that strip was an awesome organic food market called "All Good Things", and boy was it good. The bright and fresh decor made me feel like I wasn't in Ohio but someplace much more grand (L.A., Atlanta, Dallas). The staff was extremely friendly and the food was amazing. They made everything fresh. As I was there a man was delivering fresh fruits and veggies and I wanted to take them home for myself. 

I ended up ordering a veggie melt for lunch (chickpea, lentil and veggie pattie topped with raw milk cheddar and baby spinach. grilled on semolina bread) washing it down with aloe water. When I say it was delicious! Ugh I want one right now just thinking about it. Everything was fresh and you could tell so just by the way it tasted and was presented.

The staff there was amazing. The young lady who was there had on a shirt that said "Jesus is my rock and that's how I roll" you know that just brightened up my day because I am a sucker for a good shirt. What I thought would be a quick checkout of the market resulted in me sitting there for lunch having and impromptu bible study with my sis. 

All Good Things Market will definitely see my face again. If you are in the greater Youngstown/ Columbiana, Ohio area I say go check it out for yourself. You wont regret it.

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Stay Tuned for more adventures from this day and others to come. 

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