Random Factory Grunge Shoot (feat Paige Kline)

I can not believe the temperature is dropping so fast here in Ohio and that means suffering in the cold for photographers and clients. One day it is 70 degrees the next it is 30. I'm not lying you can check the weather channel. This winter I plan on getting in as many beautiful winter shots as possible. Luckily I have an awesome fellow photographer bestie who is willing to go out in 30 degree weather and take pictures just because.

Meet Paige of Paige Kline Photography  she is one of the biggest reasons why I pursued my love of photography. It took me awhile to actually go forward with my dreams of creating my own design business and she made sure I went through with it. She's an amazing photographer and is blossoming so fast. You can click the link above to visit her website and see her work

It's only right that when two friends who are also photographers have an off day WE GO TAKE MORE PICTURES. She was able to capture some of me and I of her. 

I can't wait to see what our next impromptu shoot holds. 

Huge thank you to Paige for allowing me to photograph her and being so awesome. Don't forget to check out her website as well. 

Alexa ReynoldsComment