Fall Shoot with Tiirini

Fall is my favorite season of the year and I am confident that is because of my Northeastern Ohio upbringing. I never truly gave credit to the beauty of my hometown though until this year. When looking through life with a lens everything looks better.

Tiirini's fall shoot-38.jpg


With fall also comes tons of fall shoots and here is a peek at one I was able to do. This is Tiirini and she is a lover of fall as well. When she expressed that she wanted to do a fall shoot I was automatically on board.

A bold lip and neutral toned solid top made for great contrast with the fall colors. When shooting scenery solid tops are always best in making the background stand out. 

I chose to begin shooting Tiirini a half hour before sunset and the lighting was amazing. I was able to capture exactly what I envisioned. Thanks to Tiirini for being so awesome to photograph. 

Alexa ReynoldsComment