Sierra's Pittsburgh Portfolio Shoot

I love photography I always have, my favorite part about photography is creating a story. Getting to capture a moment that can last forever, through a shot that only took a second to snap. I remember sitting in front of my television watching America's Next Top Model wanting to be Jay Manuel getting to coach the models and stand as a creative director.  This shoot  I got the chance to do creative directing and grab a few shots of my own.

Sierra is a young aspiring model who wants to work on her portfolio in hopes of entering the modeling world full force. We spent a day in Pittsburgh shooting 3 different looks and I am more than pleased with how they turned out. Check out the full album linked below.

Random Factory Grunge Shoot (feat Paige Kline)

I can not believe the temperature is dropping so fast here in Ohio and that means suffering in the cold for photographers and clients. One day it is 70 degrees the next it is 30. I'm not lying you can check the weather channel. This winter I plan on getting in as many beautiful winter shots as possible. Luckily I have an awesome fellow photographer bestie who is willing to go out in 30 degree weather and take pictures just because.

Meet Paige of Paige Kline Photography  she is one of the biggest reasons why I pursued my love of photography. It took me awhile to actually go forward with my dreams of creating my own design business and she made sure I went through with it. She's an amazing photographer and is blossoming so fast. You can click the link above to visit her website and see her work

It's only right that when two friends who are also photographers have an off day WE GO TAKE MORE PICTURES. She was able to capture some of me and I of her. 

I can't wait to see what our next impromptu shoot holds. 

Huge thank you to Paige for allowing me to photograph her and being so awesome. Don't forget to check out her website as well. 

Franklin's Head Shots


Franklin is an aspiring actor who I had the pleasure of going to middle school with. He reached out to me to do his head shots and I immediately said yes. If you know me you know I love helping others reach their dreams and use their gifts, that is what Virtuous Beauty Designs is all about. 

Franklin's personality is one of a kind and I can't wait to see where he is 5 years from now. LA better look out! 

Thank you for letting me shoot you Franklin.


Fall Shoot with Tiirini

Fall is my favorite season of the year and I am confident that is because of my Northeastern Ohio upbringing. I never truly gave credit to the beauty of my hometown though until this year. When looking through life with a lens everything looks better.

Tiirini's fall shoot-38.jpg


With fall also comes tons of fall shoots and here is a peek at one I was able to do. This is Tiirini and she is a lover of fall as well. When she expressed that she wanted to do a fall shoot I was automatically on board.

A bold lip and neutral toned solid top made for great contrast with the fall colors. When shooting scenery solid tops are always best in making the background stand out. 

I chose to begin shooting Tiirini a half hour before sunset and the lighting was amazing. I was able to capture exactly what I envisioned. Thanks to Tiirini for being so awesome to photograph.