What's my story?

If there was one word that could truly capture my life in a moment it would be...beauty. As much as I'm already thanking you for the compliments from finding some sort of attraction in the face you see above, that's not the beauty I speak of. This beauty is found within the depths of insecurity, uncertainty and a girl hoping to be loved like her imagination describes love to be. I wish I could tell you a story of a woman successfully saving her sexual purity for marriage, but I can't, because that wouldn't be the content written within the pages of my life. But, it is now.

My life depicts a young woman finally waking up to a moment where life was no longer going to be empty, cruel and completely pointless. I decided to give myself a chance to experience everything the world is not, which is...loved. But, I knew...in order for love to become my reality I would have discover Love Himself for who He truly is. 

I found Jesus. Well, actually He found me...again. And again. And again.

It wasn't until I realized I was running from the greatest romance and the only unwavering lover, that led my soul back to whom it should've never abandoned. Days that were once filled with void and nothingness are now filled with overflowing peace, passion and purpose. Shame that was once torment within my tears from giving myself away to false lovers, is the victory I glance at as trophies of a past finally conquered and overcome. You see, I've been found again. This time, I'll remain at the feet of my King, my Ruler, the only man worthy of having every piece of me, because all He knows is to give all of Himself to me in every moment. 

"Every piece for His peace."

To the world, beauty is just a mask of flesh auctioned and idolized to give all who find themselves worthless, a borrowed value that profits nothing. One pretty face here today is another shattered heart tomorrow. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is in the eye of our Creator. The encounter and experience of His love, affection and devotion to our humanity and over-bearing flaws is what gives our beauty its explanation. It is what makes every part of us matter, especially the parts we keep hidden, numb and locked away. Hoping the world doesn't notice we're falling apart underneath our fading masks of beauty.  

Within every woman is a fire burning to be loved within a world that knows nothing of it. So instead of settling for the world, she just sets it on fire.

So this is my story.

A life enamored by Love to share it with those who have yet to taste of its unending pleasure. My story is becoming as I am becoming, which unveils a radiance of beauty so full and complete, competition and comparison doesn't exist in my world anymore. It only exists in yours. But, the purpose of my story is to assure you we're all in this together. 

How about we tear down your world of silent chaos and whispering brokenness and set it on fire with a love that's inescapable?!

No more fear. No more hurting. No more hiding.

Only Love is yours. 

You are Virtuous Beauty.

"For Such A Time As This..."

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