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Hello and welcome to Virtuous Beauty Designs I am excited you want to know more about this up and coming business. Virtuous Beauty Designs was founded by Alexa Gabrielle who has a passion to help this generation be heard, whether it be through web design, brand building or photography. Having grown up spending hours sitting in front of the television watching America's Next Top Model studying and learning the techniques of professional's, it wasn't until many years later that Alexa finally picked up a camera and began showcasing her passion. Alexa prides herself in not having outrageous prices, but understanding the working millennial and wanting to lend a helping hand in making their dreams + visions a reality. She wants to help you tell your story too! So shoot her an email by clicking the envelope below and lets begin your creative process. 

SO, what exactly does Alexa offer?

Be sure to check out the Virtuous Beauty Photography page to see her current work.

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